Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getting to know each other

It is now Wednesday, and Aguado and Jasmine have known each other for a few days. They can be in the same room together now. Jasmine still gives Guado the occasional hiss. The other day we actually saw them touch noses and then go along their way. Monday I was laying on the bed with both of them, one on each arm. Jasmine isn't as mellow as we thought she would be. She has a lot of energy. She eats a few bites at a time, moving around quite often. Guado thinks he's in heaven. He loves having 2 food dishes and 2 litter boxes. We gave them each their own set up, and he proceeds to use both sets. Need to keep an eye on him. Speaking of Guado, he has had a new spring in his step. His bad tooth fell out, and his breath no longer knocks you over. He can still chew his food, he hasn't had any problems.
Jasmine's meow is squeaky. She meows a lot. She loves the bathroom. She'll follow you in, and meow outside the door if you don't let her in. We're still adjusting to her personality, and she's still adjusting to us and the house. Yesterday morning when I was getting ready for work, the 2 of them were sprinting back and forth down the living room. Their favorite toy is a laser pointer that G got the other day. Guado was chasing it up the wall. We have never seen him go crazy for something like he does with that red dot. Its fun to watch. Well I just ticked Jasmine off. I had my feet on " her " chair. Look out for this one.....

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