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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aguado Got More For Christmas Than I Will

A year or two ago Puck and I noticed cat furniture at Costco. We thought about it, but passed because we figured it'd be there next month...not! So everytime our conversation drifts toward stimulating our aging cat, Aguado, thought eventually turns back to the huge cat condos they had at costco. Well, a couple of weeks ago I was sent by the Missus to pick up a few things that would've worked out to about $100, and a cat condo wasn't on that list. So the dilemna hit me when I hit the "cat corner" of costco and saw the condos there besides the litter and cat food. It was $99.99, but I was just at PetSmart earlier to get greenies and a litter mat, so I was slightly comforted by knowing that smaller cat condos there were $169.99. 'So', I thought to myself, 'is Puck going to be down with doubling this shopping trip or what?' I had her bank card with me at the time and hell if I know how much money is in there. 'I'm doing it' I thought. Any pissyness she feels will be overcome by the pee-in-her-pants excitement of her cat kicking it in a cat condo. With the decision now made, I attempted to move this 5 foot trump-tower of a cat condo and realized I had more immediate problems.

I looked at the condo. I looked back at the cart. I did it again realizing now that this wasn't going to work. I hadn't picked up too much yet, so it wasn't a big deal. I abandoned my cart in search of the orange flat carts. I get to the front and all I see are a few pairs that were inextricably stuck together. Some ass of a costco employee just watches me without offering any freaking help. After a few more minutes of this I see one all alone that someone must have dropped off while I was trying to break one of the pairs apart.

Flat cart in my paws, I made my way back to my abandoned cart and the cat condo. Everything was there. I'm going to guesstimate this thing is about 60-70 lbs so I was more pulling and dragging this thing and then lying it flat on the cart. I was definitely getting a lot of looks as I picked up the rest of the stuff on the list. Little 'ole me, with a cat condo almost bigger than I am with odds-and-ends conveniently tucked away in the cat condo.

The last problem I had thought a little of but came to the forefront when I got to the receipt checkers was some guy commenting on how cool the condo was and assuming I had brought a truck to take it home. I was like, "No, but I have a subaru". If we still had the old Impreza, my attempts to take the condo home would have been fruitless short of tying the thing down to the roof of the car. In the new 5 door all I had to do was put down the back seats and push the passenger seat a bit forward and it was in there nicely. I had to back into the garage. It went up the stairs alright.

We greenied the hell out of Aguado so he'd have a pleasant connection with his new piece of furniture. If we'd been a bit more patient, the catnip would eventually have pulled him in it. We have it on top of the stairs next to the ledge so he can jump on his ledge and then jump up to the top of the --nevermind, I'll get a picture posted by tommorrow. He even slept in it a few days ago during the day instead of his usual hiding places under the bed or in the closet.

The snow is almost all melted over here. It's still really cold--below 40F. I'm still working on Mario Kart in small doses. I still need to at least get first in the 100cc cups--I've done like 2. I'll get there in a week or so.

Krang. Must. Have. Teh Kittay. Pics! Nows!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Insert Teh Kitty Here!

Well, I finally met Teh Kitty (vet name Jake) this Thanksgiving.  The people he's taking care of are o.k., but man does Teh know how to scare the bejeezus out of me.  So we're in the guest bedroom, and after settling in the bed Puck and I hear a distinct knock.  I get up, being closest to the door and all, assuming it's Krang wanting to do something with the computer, and open the door to see


I got frightened for a moment, staring out into the dark hall.

Then I looked down, and there he was looking back up at me menacingly.

Slowly, I backed away from the door, Teh Kitty swept quickly through the room, looking for God knows what, and in another flash he was out and scampering back into the darkness from whence he came, his claws partially sliding, partially tapping along the hardwood floors.  A few seconds later I heard tiny thumps added in.   He must have been half running, half sliding down the stairs to the bottom floor.

'I want a cool cat like that, just not so scary and ugly' I thought to myself as I climbed back into bed to go to sleep.!  Nows!