Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I am so honored

So Puck invited me to contribute to her cat blog. I think it's just a way for her to get me to do a cat blog. Anyways here's how today has gone since about 7am pst. Jasmine aka Squeaker is asleep on Puck's computer chair as usual. I believe it's her favorite spot because it was the only thing that didn't smell like Aguado (Puck had just brought it home from her work a day or so before we got Jasmine). Aguado has been mouthing off a bit more in the mornings the last few days for me to let him sniff the outside air, but today it was pretty bad. Fortunately Squeaker had decided to growl for about half a minute at Aguado for no good reason so I put her in the bathroom and then took Aguado down our stairs, harnessed him (which I haven't done in a while and he didn't particularly like) and let him sniff the outside air for about 3 minutes. It was still chilly outside and the sun wasn't out yet.

Since Squeaker likes to chew on plastic, we've been slowly kind of throwing things away that tempt her. They ate from the same plate last night, though Squeaker mainly just licked the juices while Aguado went to town. So there was another first.

Craig...we need your help with getting truncating code and maybe an email to Puck with some links to some good blogging resources...or feel free to code away yourself hehe.

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