Friday, April 18, 2008

Name this cat

Kitty on a boxBefore I tarnish this kitty's image in future posts, let me first introduce the little guy. The Humane Society named him Jake, and he's a 6-year old long-haired, declawed, neutered (sorry ladies), mostly friendly cat. Not being a fan of his given name, and not thinking it suited him at all, I've deliberated over several names. He bites (hard!) so I thought "Bitey" (The Simpson's) or "Nibbler" (Futurama) might fit. I considered a dignified moniker, something like "Senator Cletus Scoffpossum" (Hobo name). Other options have included "Gabbo," (Simpson's again), "Ghiroli" (friend from work), "Lord Wesley Von Snugglekins" (girlfriend's suggestion), "No Kitty!" and "The Kitty." I've taken to calling him "Superdude" (Simpson's) to co-workers with mixed results. Problem is he's really none of the above. So please, help me name this stinky, bitey, whiny, cuddly when he wants to be, always hungry, playful, meowy kitty.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I am so honored

So Puck invited me to contribute to her cat blog. I think it's just a way for her to get me to do a cat blog. Anyways here's how today has gone since about 7am pst. Jasmine aka Squeaker is asleep on Puck's computer chair as usual. I believe it's her favorite spot because it was the only thing that didn't smell like Aguado (Puck had just brought it home from her work a day or so before we got Jasmine). Aguado has been mouthing off a bit more in the mornings the last few days for me to let him sniff the outside air, but today it was pretty bad. Fortunately Squeaker had decided to growl for about half a minute at Aguado for no good reason so I put her in the bathroom and then took Aguado down our stairs, harnessed him (which I haven't done in a while and he didn't particularly like) and let him sniff the outside air for about 3 minutes. It was still chilly outside and the sun wasn't out yet.

Since Squeaker likes to chew on plastic, we've been slowly kind of throwing things away that tempt her. They ate from the same plate last night, though Squeaker mainly just licked the juices while Aguado went to town. So there was another first.

Craig...we need your help with getting truncating code and maybe an email to Puck with some links to some good blogging resources...or feel free to code away yourself hehe.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Best Buds!

Well, it is now Sunday, and its been a week since Jasmine has been with us. We left Friday night to go to San Diego for a Dodgers vs Padres game. Came back Saturday night, and Aguado & Jasmine are getting along. Since we've been back we've witnessed butt sniffing, rubbing against each other, and even sleeping on the bed together. We had to leave in order for them to get used to each other. One big happy family. Jasmine has settled in. She still meows, but not as much. And when she does its a little squeak. Finally, mission accomplished. Lets see how long this lasts...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getting to know each other

It is now Wednesday, and Aguado and Jasmine have known each other for a few days. They can be in the same room together now. Jasmine still gives Guado the occasional hiss. The other day we actually saw them touch noses and then go along their way. Monday I was laying on the bed with both of them, one on each arm. Jasmine isn't as mellow as we thought she would be. She has a lot of energy. She eats a few bites at a time, moving around quite often. Guado thinks he's in heaven. He loves having 2 food dishes and 2 litter boxes. We gave them each their own set up, and he proceeds to use both sets. Need to keep an eye on him. Speaking of Guado, he has had a new spring in his step. His bad tooth fell out, and his breath no longer knocks you over. He can still chew his food, he hasn't had any problems.
Jasmine's meow is squeaky. She meows a lot. She loves the bathroom. She'll follow you in, and meow outside the door if you don't let her in. We're still adjusting to her personality, and she's still adjusting to us and the house. Yesterday morning when I was getting ready for work, the 2 of them were sprinting back and forth down the living room. Their favorite toy is a laser pointer that G got the other day. Guado was chasing it up the wall. We have never seen him go crazy for something like he does with that red dot. Its fun to watch. Well I just ticked Jasmine off. I had my feet on " her " chair. Look out for this one.....