Friday, April 18, 2008

Name this cat

Kitty on a boxBefore I tarnish this kitty's image in future posts, let me first introduce the little guy. The Humane Society named him Jake, and he's a 6-year old long-haired, declawed, neutered (sorry ladies), mostly friendly cat. Not being a fan of his given name, and not thinking it suited him at all, I've deliberated over several names. He bites (hard!) so I thought "Bitey" (The Simpson's) or "Nibbler" (Futurama) might fit. I considered a dignified moniker, something like "Senator Cletus Scoffpossum" (Hobo name). Other options have included "Gabbo," (Simpson's again), "Ghiroli" (friend from work), "Lord Wesley Von Snugglekins" (girlfriend's suggestion), "No Kitty!" and "The Kitty." I've taken to calling him "Superdude" (Simpson's) to co-workers with mixed results. Problem is he's really none of the above. So please, help me name this stinky, bitey, whiny, cuddly when he wants to be, always hungry, playful, meowy kitty.


Joe Dodger said...

Winston Smith if you need him to have a last name.

In the picture he looks like he sees the rats from Orwell's 1984.

Joe Dodger said...

if you wanna go sports how about

Lowrie or Ellsbury

Zoot (rhymes with 'foot') said...

We've taken to calling him "Teh Kitteh" for about a month now and it kinda fits. Until we get another one, of course.