Friday, December 12, 2008

Insert Teh Kitty Here!

Well, I finally met Teh Kitty (vet name Jake) this Thanksgiving.  The people he's taking care of are o.k., but man does Teh know how to scare the bejeezus out of me.  So we're in the guest bedroom, and after settling in the bed Puck and I hear a distinct knock.  I get up, being closest to the door and all, assuming it's Krang wanting to do something with the computer, and open the door to see


I got frightened for a moment, staring out into the dark hall.

Then I looked down, and there he was looking back up at me menacingly.

Slowly, I backed away from the door, Teh Kitty swept quickly through the room, looking for God knows what, and in another flash he was out and scampering back into the darkness from whence he came, his claws partially sliding, partially tapping along the hardwood floors.  A few seconds later I heard tiny thumps added in.   He must have been half running, half sliding down the stairs to the bottom floor.

'I want a cool cat like that, just not so scary and ugly' I thought to myself as I climbed back into bed to go to sleep.!  Nows!

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