Monday, June 9, 2008

We've become a bit concerned

So the feisty little Jasmine that we took home has stopped eating for the most part, and just isn't her energetic self. This weekend Nancy and I brainstormed what could be wrong. So we did web searches on 'cat stopped eating' and 'cat obsessed with plastic' to try to get a clue as to what's wrong.

After reading other people with similar problems on message boards we think she's a bit depressed because we took her plastic away from her. One of her quirks we discovered upon adopting her was that she was obsessed with chewing plastic. Nance and I proceeded to take away all the plastic in the house so she wouldn't accidently choke or suffocate herself. We think that made her a pretty sad kitty. She became increasingly withdrawn to the point of mainly sleeping under our bed all day and maybe drinking a bit of water.

So today I've strewn a few plastic grocery bags around and kept our bathroom door open (it's empty except for the plastic bag liner) to see if that makes her happy enough to enjoy life again and eat. We also bought her a small rubber chew toy just in case she takes to that for her plastic fix. We bought a bunch of varieties of cat food wet and dry just in case she's just finicky.

On the eating front she was really enthusiastic to dry food when we first brought her home so we were like, 'great'. She would only lick the juices from the wet food pouches while Aguado chowed down on all the whatever it is cat food is made of. She's withdrawn to the point we have to place her at the food dish and maybe she licks some of the juices and if she's eating dry food it's when we're asleep.

She was already skinny when we got her and our scale doesn't show a pound of weight loss yet but I'm sure she's close. Hopefully Jasmine is back to her old bitchy self soon.

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